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Thanks for being here. Because of you, I get to do my dream work. I wake up each day with one mission: to help you see the beauty in you that I see. 

I work a little differently than some other stylists.

As a teen in Iran, I was on track to practice medicine like my mother. But I had a passion I just couldn’t set aside. I was captivated by the opportunity to help women magnify their natural beauty. To help women feel radiant so they can go out in the world and be more of who they want to be. So, I set out to Canada on my own and studied with incredible artists who mentored me in the craft of hair styling. 

For a long time, the dream was a big, bustling salon. After almost 30 years of working in elite salons and founding my own bustling business, I decided that what I really want is just to connect with you and give you my full, undivided attention. 

When you visit Salon Parastar, your visit is always with me, personally. We spend time talking about your work, your life, the things you love to do. We work together to create the healthy hairstyle that makes you feel like a million dollars every single day. Because when you feel good – when you feel like yourself – you can shine in all ways.

See you soon, 

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