Are Hair Extensions for You?

Are Hair Extensions for You?

At Salon Parastar, we work exclusively with world renowned Great Lengths for our hair extension service. Why? 

Yes, you can find extensions at a lower cost initially, but will they last? Will you love them? Will they be kind to your original hair? We believe the quality, beauty, and care that goes into Great Lengths means you’ll actually save your hard-earned dollars in the long run, getting more out of your investment. We want your extensions to last, and for you to love them every single day!

PLUS, Great Lengths sources their real hair ethically, and is a Certified B Corp company. They say, “Great Lengths is the first company in the extension industry worldwide to achieve the B Corp certification. We see this achievement as the starting point for even greater ambition.”

People get hair extensions for different reasons: 

  • A wedding, reunion, or special event.
  • To create fullness for thinning or fine hair.
  • Creating a special look for photo shoots.
  • To help transition out of hair dame and back into a healthier head of hair.
  • Post illness – sometimes changes in our lives can affect the texture and fullness of our hair.

If you need help deciding if extensions are right for you, call us for a consult! 


Have more questions about Great Lengths hair extensions, and why we people across Waterloo Region trust us for years on end with their hair extensions?

Check out the Great Lengths FAQ page on their website: 


Where Great Lengths Extensions are Sourced: 

Great Lengths says, “For 30 years we have been leaders in the production of extensions Made in Italy and our history is full of key players who contribute to making Great Lengths extensions a high-quality product. From the skilled artisans who have gained decades of experience in their work to the researchers who spend their time improving the production process making it more advanced and sustainable. Our ethical sourcing of raw materials has always been our hallmark: we purchase our hair only from Indian temples, where is voluntarily donated for religious reasons.”

Call us today and find out how extensions can help you fall in love with your hair, boost your confidence, and make you feel amazing again!

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