Kérastase: Redefining Exceptional Hair

We believe true luxury means you should never have to compromise.

One of our primary goals at Salon Parastar is to make sure you have access to the very best products. It’s important to us that we bring Waterloo Region the kinds of hair options you can feel good about in body and spirit. This is why we love being a Kérastase partner. 

You deserve performance and purpose. You should be able to enjoy luxury while supporting local communities. And you should have the best salon experience while knowing the environment is taken care of. Kérastase uses innovation expertise to make this a reality. Their intention is to become a role model for sustainable luxury, taking “exceptional care” to the next level. On their website, they share:

The story of exceptional hair starts with nature, and those whose work involves sourcing our raw ingredients. We turn natural ingredients into exceptional haircare formulas, developed to protect the natural world on which we depend. Our packaging contains our product. We want what’s on the outside to be as innovative as what’s on the inside. Our factories make exceptional products. We believe exceptional products should be made using exceptional energy.

Want to know more about their commitments to sustainable, responsible business? Head to their website for more! CLICK HERE

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